You can drive a motorcycle trail for short bodied riders

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Dirt bikes and supermoto have high differences with motorcycles in general.Examples of Honda CRF 150 with a seat height of 869 mm, while the lowest distance to the ground is 285 mm. For motorcycles 'scratching the ground' with a larger engine capacity, the distance between seats and the ground is even further.

This tall profile makes it difficult for short riders especially Asian drivers. Drivers who cannot anticipate the potential to fall off the motorbike.

One dirt bike rider, Megs Braap reported by shares tips on playing trail bike for bikers with short height. There are five ways, according to him, it is very effective in conquering a trail bike. Here's a summary of Maintain balanceThe first key is to maintain balance while riding a dirt bike. Try to practice balance when the motor moves at low speed. We can try to make the number eight. Then maintain the balance statically (practicing motor balance does not move).

2. Look for the right footrestWhat needs attention when playing offroad is paying attention to the surrounding environment. Determine the right stops and then look for a safe footing.

3. Use the feet to move the motorbikePlaying trail bike is very heavy. Riders are susceptible to exit the track and fall off the motorbike. The difficulty is to return the motor to the track. For this one technique it is better to use legs that are stronger than the arms.

4. When the motor stopsWith the motorbike position stopped, you should use a hanging foot technique. One foot tread perfectly can certainly keep the driver from falling off the motorbike. Choose the most comfortable foot position.

5. ConfidenceConfidence is an important point in controlling the trail bike or supermoto. Don't let short sizes prevent us from becoming true bikers. But to remember, good skills are the key to riding the motorbike.

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so there is no reason for you to have a short body to drive using this Moto Trail, everything can be done as long as your tips and tricks are controlled by the jam has a guide that can be trusted and has high experience in this area.

and for those of you who feel that you have a tall body, you have your own lack in terms of agility and so on, or you who have a body body can also be an obstacle.


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