7 signs you are missing a gadget

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Do you feel that you are a person who is less social in the real world? or are you often busy looking at cellphones, social media computers or something else? maybe you can be someone who is addicted to Gadge so that you don't interact with the surrounding environment, you are more active in the internet world than the real world that you might see is not cool.

but it is actually not good for your health, because of the lack of social interaction in the surrounding environment, besides that your muscles are rarely used for stretching that should be received by your body.
The lack of motion allows the tone to experience a disease that may not be dangerous, but gradually it can become dangerous if it repeats itself over and over again.

What is the sign that you are a gadget addict or addicted to interacting with technology rather than the environment, these are some signs you are a gadget addict.

1. The first is that, when you rest or when you are going to sleep, you have to look at the cellphone lying down, and in that way you wait to fall asleep until the cellphone is lying, remember. it's not good for your eye health. You should not do such a thing, if you do not leave it from now, then you will continue to do it.

2. You cannot leave your cellphone or other gadget device even though you are not in need, but you are willing to go back home if the other Cellphone or gadget is left behind when you go to work or anywhere. this is one of the traits where you are truly addicted to gadgets so that the Gadgets are like the necessities of life like food.

3. You bring your cellphone while on the toilet, either urinating or defecating. and you could look at and even scrhol a number of your friends and even have time to comment. One of these addictions actually makes you lose focus on the health of your sewer, due to a lack of focus when you are interacting with something that you should dispose of comfortably.

4. Now when you chat with people around you, this indicates that you are really addicted to gadgets, even you can be uncomfortable when asked by other people while you are still busy playing with your gadget. not bad, but you also need social interaction in your environment, not just in social media, because real friendship is more than friendship only via the internet.

5. When you are eating you are playing gadgets, and even you are not aware of how delicious your food is, or how uneasy the food you are eating, because the focus you give is only to your gadget, you should first put your cellphone, and make sure you eat it with favors and focus, because the body needs comfort when you put something in your mouth.

6. While driving you are still busy with gadgets? This addiction is very dangerous for yourself and others, some of the points above explain the danger to you, but at this point, in addition to you, it is also dangerous for others, because this is the same as someone who is drunk carrying a car in addition to being in focus could occur.

7. When doing work, and busy with gadgets, people who are addicted to gadgets usually feel lazy that is not normal, perhaps due to excessive relaxation so that the body and bland muscles are in command to do something.

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Maybe there are a few more points that are actually still a lot, but this time, this is the first time. if you experience 7 of the above disturbances, immediately switch to the opposite activity or try to avoid the seven things he bags.


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